"With grace and humor, Laura has been able to clear up multiple layers of my fears, anxieties, and angers that I believe played a part in not  getting pregnant.  Many layers were unconscious and only revealed through gentle open-ended questions that lead me into areas of 

thought or decisions that no longer served me.  For example, I was unaware of my fear of what others would say if I was pregnant or my fear of giving birth.  I had no idea that I thought I did not deserve to be a mother.  Even though I have been crystal clear since I was a child that I wanted to be pregnant and mother a child, I only was able to let go of these impeding thoughts and judgments about my lifelong dream by using EFT with Laura. She is highly intuitive, graciously gentle and unassuming, but passionately driven and powerful in assisting me to get pregnant and become a mother as she was successfully able to do. She has been a gift to me in my struggle to fulfill my dream. She will guide you to a new freer you with this deceptively simple tool."

B.H. New York

"When I first met Laura I was in a desperate place in my life, looking for a way out of a toxic and abusive relationship. I had no idea if something like tapping would be effective enough to pull me out of the dangerously self destructive cycle that I didn't seem to have the strength to break on my own. I was in the midst of what most people would describe as a nervous break down. My life was crippled by constant panic attacks and other symptoms of PTSD. I was even suicidal at one point. One day, I broke down privately to my trusted family doctor. He referred me to Laura for help and I decided to give it a shot. 

When I came to Laura I was confused, ashamed and did not know how to love myself. One of the most powerful things that Laura did as a therapist was to dive right into my experience with me- right into the thick of it. She showed me a level of empathy and compassion I have never experienced with another person. She truly understood and she could hear and connect to every terrifying thing I was experiencing. I had always expected a therapist to be detached and to help from a distance- but not Laura. She connected to my pain and took me by the hand through all of the facets of it. She had so many effective techniques, and took me through my childhood in a way that felt safe. The experience was raw and messy and vulnerable. She helped me to reconnect to my sense of self love, and realize that I wasn't a bad person... That I deserved happiness.

Tapping is an ongoing process, and it's a tool that I am so grateful to have. My message is to all women who have been assaulted, abused and who feel broken... You are not alone. You are loved, and you matter. You are stronger and more powerful than you realize, and you are never truly broken. There is always a way out, even when it feels too dark to see the light. To any woman who has ever felt like I have, I want you to know that help is out there. Laura helped me find the strength to save my own life, and for that I am forever grateful."


"I have been to three tapping sessions with Laura at Circle on the Farm and have found it extraordinary. I had a complex medical situation going on and was very angry at my doctor and my care. Laura helped me tap through my anger. I left feeling light and free. I would recommend Laura in a heartbeat-she is caring and professional. I also love the use of essential oils. Laura is a treasure..."

E.E. New York


"Laura is a very skilled and creative practitioner.  She knows how to read body language, remains very present with what I am experiencing, and knows when to take another direction or go deeper.  She uses EFT techniques well while using her intuition to try what is needed for the best results. 

I have cleared major stuff with her as a practitioner.  I no longer overeat or have money issues.  It seems like the issues that plagued me for so long were someone else’s issues.  Laura knows how to clear things out at the root.  She is skilled at handling when I am triggered and is able steer away from the trauma while clearing the emotional charges.

Laura is a very competent practitioner.  She has a solid foundation of basic EFT techniques and can then try other techniques she has learned or uses her intuition for what is needed with confidence and proficiency.  She continues her studies daily and deepens her mastery by keeping up with EFT news, attending workshops and groups, and attending online EFT events.  She stays connected to the larger EFT community.
  She also gives workshops and continues working with clients.  She regularly has new clients.  She also studies about and executes good business practices.  She maintains an ethical code of conduct as a practitioner.

In addition to being an excellent, gifted and adept practitioner, Laura continues to clear her own emotional charges and has transformed her life dramatically.  She is the best testament to the miracles of EFT



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